Sunday, October 4, 2009


Long Distance Call from YB of the Boleh Land  to the Death Enforcment Officer of the Underworld for the deceased.
Death officer: Hello YB, what can I do for you?

YB: As usual, I have another guy died in custody. I want you to lock him up and don't ever let him come out to haunt us. Please make sure he can't make appeal in your underworld.

Death officer: No problem! As long as you pay me well. But what if he went to heaven? I heard that the one from the MACC and the one that was blown into pieces have gone to Heaven.

YB: I am not worried at all. Don't you know that I have very good connection in heaven too? I will call them later.

Death officer: Can I have more from the Immigration Detention Camp?

YB: I will try ... but some might go to Heaven and I may have to improve the condition in the detention camp cos' the people are watching closely now.


  1. He is so powerful that even the earth and heaven can be bribed by him.. what hope do we have?

  2. I like all picture on this blog