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Thus have I heard, upon a time Guru Jib in Boleh Land with a great company of Disciples…..

Disciple: How do we deal with all these allegations and accusations??

Guru Jib: Ignore and Deny
Disciple: What if all these allegations and accusations are true???


Guru Jib: Ignore, Deny and Cover-up
Disciple: What if we failed to fool these people.
Guru Jib: Follow me and recite this Mantra diligently……

Om Ignore, Ignore
Om Deny, Deny
Om Cover-up, Cover-up
Om Buy time, Buy time
Intimidate, Intimidate Svaha!!

What a Corrupted Governmant of Malaysia !

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Ninth Vow of Bodhisattva Samantabhadra

May Malaysia be Blessed with Leaders that have the Quality of Bodhisattva

AVATAMSAKA SUTRA, chapter 40 (Excerpts), a Mahayana Buddhist Sutra

The Ninth Vow of Bodhisattva Samantabhadra

"Sudhana, to accommodate and benefit all living beings is explained like this: throughout the oceans of worlds in the ten directions exhausting the Dharma Realm and the realm of empty space, there are many different kinds of living beings. That is to say, there are those born from eggs, the womb-born, the transformationally born, as well as those who live and rely on earth, water, fire, and air for their existence. There are beings dwelling in space, and those who are born in and live in plants and trees. This includes all the many species and races with their diverse bodies, shapes, appearances, lifespans, families, names, and natures. This includes their many varieties of knowledge and views, their various desires and pleasures, their thoughts and deeds, and their many different deportments, clothing and diets.

"It includes beings who dwell in different villages, towns, cities and palaces, as well as gods, dragons, and others of the eight divisions, humans and non-humans alike. Also there are footless beings, beings with two feet, four feet, and many feet, with form and without form, with thought and without thought, and not entirely with thought and not entirely without thought. I will accord with and take care of all these many kinds of beings, providing all manner of services and offerings for them. I will treat them with the same respect I show my own parents, teachers, elders, Arhats, and even the Thus Come Ones. I will serve them all equally without difference.

"I will be a good doctor for the sick and suffering. I will lead those who have lost their way to the right road. I will be a bright light for those in the dark night, and cause the poor and destitute to uncover hidden treasures." The Bodhisattva impartially benefits all living beings in this manner.

"Why is this? If a Bodhisattva accords with living beings, then he accords with and makes offerings to all Buddhas. If he can honor and serve living beings, then he honors and serves the Thus Come Ones. If he makes living beings happy, he is making all Thus Come Ones happy. Why is this? It is because all Buddhas, Thus Come Ones, take the Mind of Great Compassion as their substance. Because of living beings, they develop Great Compassion. From Great Compassion the Bodhi Mind is born; and because of the Bodhi Mind, they accomplish Supreme, Perfect Enlightenment.

"It is like a great regal tree growing in the rocks and sand of barren wilderness. When the roots get water, the branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits will all flourish. The regal bodhi-tree growing in the wilderness of Birth and Death is the same. All living beings are its roots; all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are its flowers and fruits. By benefitting all beings with the water of Great Compassion, one can realize the flowers and fruits of the Buddhas' and Bodhisattvas' wisdom.

"Why is this? It is because by benefitting living beings with the water of Great Compassion, the Bodhisattvas can attain Supreme, Perfect Enlightenment. Therefore, Bodhi belongs to living beings. Without living beings, no Bodhisattva could achieve Supreme, Perfect Enlightenment.

"Good man, you should understand these principles in this way: When the mind is impartial towards all living beings, one can accomplish full and perfect Great Compassion. By using the Mind of Great Compassion to accord with living beings, one perfects the making of offerings to the Thus Come Ones. In this way the Bodhisattva constantly accords with living beings.

"Even when the realm of empty space is exhausted, the realms of living beings are exhausted, the karma of living beings is exhausted, and the afflictions of living beings are exhausted, I will still transfer all merits and virtues endlessly, continuously, in thought after thought without cease. My body, mouth and mind never weary of these deeds.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Long Distance Call from YB of the Boleh Land  to the Death Enforcment Officer of the Underworld for the deceased.
Death officer: Hello YB, what can I do for you?

YB: As usual, I have another guy died in custody. I want you to lock him up and don't ever let him come out to haunt us. Please make sure he can't make appeal in your underworld.

Death officer: No problem! As long as you pay me well. But what if he went to heaven? I heard that the one from the MACC and the one that was blown into pieces have gone to Heaven.

YB: I am not worried at all. Don't you know that I have very good connection in heaven too? I will call them later.

Death officer: Can I have more from the Immigration Detention Camp?

YB: I will try ... but some might go to Heaven and I may have to improve the condition in the detention camp cos' the people are watching closely now.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Malaysian F1 Team

We are so proud of our Malaysian F1 team's Big Hats, Big Helmets, Big Caps and SMALL Heads ....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

BN to the People

Umno to the Malays : You are weak ...You need our protection and Malaysia is ours!

MCA to the Chinese: We are very independent... We have to take care of ourselves and the World can be ours!

MIC to the Indians: We are smart but we are still poor and we need SAMY more than the World!